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Rachel couldn’t wait for her big fuzzy blue sweater to come in the mail so she could take it on the camping trip she was leaving for. Little did she know that her so called friends that were house sitting had other plans for her and the big blue sweater, like being hogtied with the big turtleneck pulled up over her mouth and nose. *This was a custom clip for Rachel. The clip is available now at borntobebound.com and www.clips4sale.com/8358

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Record flooding in Detroit right now… We fixed the foundation, brick and roof at my studio recently but the city sewers are not up to par, it’s still bubbling up now with 3 sump pumps and an additional pump. Its 6 inches deeper than this video. Haven’t even gone to check on my townhome a mile away… Friends a few towns over dealing with their cars floating away and damage to the main floor of their homes…

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