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Opening any minute now...My new Borntobebound archive clips4sale store featuring clips I (JJ Plush) made from 2007-2012. Some glitch on their system or some human shut off my older preview pics and deleted them a couple years back and I lost hard drives along the way and couldn’t reload the photos. When I inquired about the issue because many of you wrote to me wondering where the photos had gone Clips4sale activated their automated gifs but those don’t show what happens towards the end of the clips. That old content was sitting there and getting really dusty with no way for anyone to see what the damsels were up to until now. I’m redoing the pics and adding the content to a new store http://clips4sale.com/79717. Current clips can be found at http://www.clips4sale.com/8358. I’ll slowly be adding the older content that isn’t already at http://www.borntobebound.com as bonus updates for you members there as well.  Ladies shown in these video stills- Ivy Cat,  Charlie Mancini, Emily Addison, Dakkota, Jane Bond, Delilah B, Kimberly Marvel, Je C and Lola Lyn

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It was a perfect day for playing hooky during daylight hours today….

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Bonus photo update posted tonight at borntobebound.com, 100 photos(ish) of Tara tied posing in a girdle, then in a reverse prayer and then tightly hogtied. The video coordinating video clip was posted last week and also available there  (outfits from girdlebound.com). I’m trying to remember to add my image sets to the site more often. It slips my mind…

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How to Dye Your Shapewear, by Orchard Corset

But girdlebound.com (soon to be justfigures.com) will continue to dye all of our shapewear and will offer fun new color options very soon!!

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