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Poor little Riley Rose. The kid she was babysitting for caught her smoking pot and inviting her boyfriend over so she had no other choice than to let the brat tie her up. Riley had to take her boots off and remove her knee high sock, one she stuffed in her own mouth and the other was wrapped around her head to keep it in. A recent 13 minute update at borntobebound and www.clips4sale.com/8358.

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I bet you can tell which images I used the photography light on, lol…Newbie to www.borntobebound.com Anastassia Bear has to play the Corrupt Security Guards little game in the video update coming later tonight to borntobebound and www.clips4sale.com/8358. She is cuffed, elbow tied, hogtied, wears 2 big ballgags, leash led, gets her mouth stuffed with panties, vet wrap put around her head, blindfolded, regagged with more panties and gets duct tape wrapped around her head. Her nipple clamps are put on and taken off over and over again and pulled every which way. Her hands are taped up with duct tape and she is left there thinking about her crime…

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