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Gonna be missing my partner in crime jjplush this year at the FetishCon. Bottom left is the first time I ever really hung with JJ…we shot a bondage clip with Jim Hunter in their suite. Then later that evening, she was shitfaced and “twerking”, before it was cool, to Baby Got Back, ahahaha…it was then I knew she was my soulmate <3 <3 <3

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Behind the scenes at Boundcon in Munich, Germany May 2014. Rain Degrey and newbie Raven C get hogties while I wear my largest ballgag (Rain likes it when I tie her while gagged) and then they get strappados for a fan photoshoot. I have no recollection of attaching that rope to their nipple clamps and shaking it around, but these kinds of photos don’t lie. It happened. This photoset up later this weekend at borntobebound.com.  The full 63 minute video is available now at the Boundcon organizers website:  http://www.boundconvideo.com

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Memories…..Another oldie up at borntobebound.com and the archive clip store www.clips4sale.com/79717 this evening. A 23 minute video of Ivy Cat. She was a local bondage loving woman that moved away a few years ago. She let me test out all kinds of ties and gags on her. She was really my rope crash test dummy- no book learning or seminars for me. (Please don’t lecture shibari lovers, I wasn’t doing suspensions and no one ever got hurt and I was well versed about how rope felt on the body.) She loved bondage. I’m pretty sure this was the first clip I finished up with and said wow I kind of get this tying up business. My guess is this was shot in 2008.

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