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A big bonus update for yout guys is up at borntobebound tonight and also available for purchase at www.clips4sale.com/8358. A 67 minute clip starring Dixie Comet, previously posted to hogcuffed.com (several years ago). Dixie the warden at a corrupt prison wants to teach the new guard how to do intake with a new prisoner, but first she masturbates with crotchless panties on the couch. Dixie gets a cavity search and drugs are found in her so the corrupt prison fun begins- bondage, vibrators, cages, bastinado and a strap-on…

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youfuckmyweb asked: Have you got tips or techniques about mouth stuffing and duct tape gag? I know you're the expert ^__^

The person doing the gagging should remember to ball the loose ends up towards the front of the mouth, so it is harder for an end to start slipping down the throat. The person being gagged should remember to put their tongue up to fend off the invading wad of fabric, sponge, ball etc…That being said, even if you use your tongue to stop the object if it is just shoved in any which way it is still pretty easy for a loose end to start slipping down the throat making you gag, especially with a tight cleave gag over it. The person doing the gagging needs to be very aware of that. I NEVER wrap real duct tape around a head. I’ve had this done to me and to say it was unpleasant is an understatement. It took my face days to recover, not to mention my already suffering hair. The gray tape that looks like duct tape that I use on borntobebound is electricians bundling tape. I like Scotch brand. No one I have ever gagged has had an allergic reaction to it and it adheres nicely without ruining skin/ hair. Some people like to put a little extra lotion on their face to help lessen the tackiness of the tape too. The dryer the skin the more it likes to adhere. Sometimes it is visually hard to see where the gag was ended, so it is a good idea for the person doing the gagging to make a mental note of where they ended the gag just in case there is an emergency and it needs to come off fast. In the clip write ups I say (and many others say) duct tape but just like really kidnapping and chloroforming it is not happening.

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A pretty girl in a gold dress struggles in a hogtie. A woman comes in and ties her hair back and tightens her gag, nipple clamps her and leaves her. When she returns with a man they pick her up and take her to another location. She is groped and forced to hop around before being tied to a chair, her boobs are tied, her gag is changes, she is eventually blindfolded and another man shows up and carries her chair away. A 23 minute update available at borntobebound and www.clips4sale.com/8358

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