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Memories…..Another oldie up at borntobebound.com and the archive clip store www.clips4sale.com/79717 this evening. A 23 minute video of Ivy Cat. She was a local bondage loving woman that moved away a few years ago. She let me test out all kinds of ties and gags on her. She was really my rope crash test dummy- no book learning or seminars for me. (Please don’t lecture shibari lovers, I wasn’t doing suspensions and no one ever got hurt and I was well versed about how rope felt on the body.) She loved bondage. I’m pretty sure this was the first clip I finished up with and said wow I kind of get this tying up business. My guess is this was shot in 2008.

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GG owed me some cash for borrowing money from me to start a new lingerie business. She was living large and hadn’t started paying me back so I showed up to scare some sense into her. Her employee Riley Jane had to suffer as well! This was fun to shoot!! Thanks for the gifs LIpstixxx!! I really appreciate you!!!!  ~JJ Plush 

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Riley Rose gets a frogtie, boxtie & a rope is connected to the ceiling so she can lean into the sybian. I received one as a gift from someone I session with. She was there the day it was brought over. She had never heard of a sybian before but volunteered to take the first ride. She squirted for the first time in her life!!! The 14 minute clip is up now at borntobebound.com and it will also be availabe at HER clips4sale store http://clips4sale.com/riley-s-fetish-world Her cincher is from girdlebound.com (of course)

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bulldogg82 asked: Just want to say that storm was crazy I was out there working

Everyone I know had left the stage area so I have no idea what happened on the lake. A 36 foot searay came in before the boat with the fly bridge that lost control and we could hear his engines roaring forward but he was going backward! That captain just let the boat spin back around and he went with the wind which wasn’t so bad to watch. I hope you didn’t see anything too bad out there.

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"Candle" starring @JJplush + LuxNoir, MI

This was shot at my (JJ Plush the blond) old place of business after hours, 2006 perhaps?? It was one of my first and only erotic photoshoots that weren’t for video site. I got all subspacey at one point and cried. I’m a never nude so the nudity alone was nerve racking enough. I lost touch with the model years ago. I recently looked her up to say hello and found out that she had died. I don’t know how but It blew my mind. Life is so precious…

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